Health and safety report to governors: template

You decide the scope and format of a health and safety report, however it's up to your senior leaders to put the report together. Suggest they download and use our template to help keep you informed.

Last reviewed on 19 October 2022
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  1. You should receive regular reports
  2. You decide the scope and format of the report 
  3. Download our template 

You should receive regular reports

Most governing boards receive an annual audit report on health and safety. However, it's good practice for the committee or link governor responsible for health and safety to update termly on any problems or changes in the school. 

An annual report may not be regular enough to keep your board up-to-date on any issues, especially if there are particular problems that need addressing.

Our associate education expert, Vicky Redding, explained this to us. 

Find out more about the role of a link governor for health and safety in our other article.

You decide the scope and format of the report 

Your executive leaders need to provide the governing board with the information it needs to do its job well.

This means you need to discuss the scope and format of the report with your leaders. 

This is explained on page 28, paragraph 25 of the Governance Handbook.

Your leaders can adapt our template report