Health and safety questions to ask

Find out what questions you can ask your senior leaders, and what to look for in their answers, so you know your school's keeping on top of health and safety. Download our questions so you have them to hand.

Last reviewed on 19 July 2022
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  1. Questions to make sure your procedures are in place
  2. Questions to ask if you're told there's been an incident
  3. Download our questions
  4. Next steps

Use these questions to make sure health and safety is in good shape in your school. 

Don't ask them all in 1 go – pick and choose what you ask your school leaders based on your school's priorities. 

If you're the link governor for health and safety, also take a look at this article about the health and safety link governor role.

Questions to make sure your procedures are in place

What’s the allocated budget for health and safety spending in the school?

In an answer, you want to hear: 

  • There's an allocated, separately identifiable budget for health and safety work 
  • Senior leaders have a grasp of the budget situation and can explain how much money is available

Ideally, there would be a plan that clearly sets out the health and safety priorities, and the