Governors' role in monitoring risk assessments

Understand your role when it comes to health and safety risk assessments, including how to seek assurance that they're up to scratch. Also see an example of what one might look like.

Last reviewed on 11 March 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. As always, your role is strategic
  2. Seek assurance they're up to scratch
  3. Example risk assessment 

As always, your role is strategic

Risk assessments are an important part of your school's health and safety compliance. They identify:

  • Anything that could harm pupils, staff or visitors
  • Reasonably practicable control measures that are put in place to avoid this harm 

Note: we say "reasonably practicable" as risk assessments balance the need to minimise risk with the need to let people still do activities. 

You don't need to create any risk assessments yourself, as that's outside the scope of your strategic role.

Instead, it's your job to hold school leaders to account and ask questions so you can assure yourself that their risk assessments are suitable. 

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