Last reviewed on 31 January 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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Read our summary of the Headteachers' Standards 2020 and how to use them.

Overview of the standards and how to use them

Like the 2015 version, the 2020 Headteachers' Standards are non-statutory.

The standards are divided into 2 sections (see below). They're intended to be relevant to all headteachers and cover the full breadth of leadership responsibility within a school. Nevertheless, each headteacher and school should interpret the standards in their own individual and school contexts (see more about different contexts below). 

The Headteachers' Standards build on the Teachers' Standards

You should use the standards alongside the Teachers' Standards, which your headteacher is expected to continue to meet. The Headteachers' Standards lays out how headteachers can meet both: 

  1. The requirements of the Teachers’ Standards, and
  2. The additional responsibilities of headship 

Shape your headteacher's own practice and professional development, within and beyond the school Support the recruitment and appointment of headteachers, including the development of job descriptions and person specifications Develop frameworks to train current and aspiring headteachers Inform your assessment