Last reviewed on 11 October 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Use our guidance and examples to help you set challenging, SMART objectives for your headteacher to support their professional development and drive school improvement.

Know the rules

Requirements for maintained schools

If you're on the board of a maintained school, you must set objectives for your headteacher each year. You'll do this in consultation with your external adviser

Objectives must contribute to

Requirements for academies

The above regulations don't apply to academies, though your trust may choose to follow them. If you're in an academy, look to your teachers' appraisal policy for guidance. 

Requirements for union members

If your headteacher is part of a union, familiarise yourself with the union's expectations for appraisal.

For example, the National Education Union (NEU) and National Association for Head Teachers (NAHT) have jointly issued a model appraisal policy which includes guidance for setting objectives.

Understand what makes a good objective

Good objectives are SMART

Specific Do the objectives