Last reviewed on 8 July 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 39194

Ofsted will restart routine inspections in September 2021 for all school types and grades. See how inspectors will consider the impact of COVID-19 alongside the usual procedures.

Process remains largely the same, but with extended inspection intervals

Following a phased return to inspection this year, Ofsted will restart routine, graded inspections in September 2021, and will in the main follow the usual procedures:

  • If your school is 'good' or 'outstanding', it will get a section 8 inspection lasting 2 days
  • If your school 'requires improvement', it will be re-inspected under section 5 and may also be monitored if it receives 2 or more successive ‘overall effectiveness’ judgements of 'requires improvement'
  • If your school offers early years provision or is a maintained nursery school, Ofsted will inspect this as part of its regular inspection
  • If your school is a non-association independent school, Ofsted's handbook sets out the process

The guidance below applies to maintained schools, academies, early years provision and non-association