How Ofsted inspects 'quality of education'

Be clear on how your school's curriculum will be inspected under the 'quality of education' judgement.

Last reviewed on 13 May 2022
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  1. Your role as a governing board
  2. The impact of COVID-19
  3. There is a transition period until September 2022
  4. Curriculum 'intent, implementation and impact'
  5. Myth-busting
  6. The inspection is a 3-stage process
  7. ‘Deep dives’
  8. Grade descriptors

Your role as a governing board

As a governing board, you won't be inspected under Ofsted's 'quality of education' judgement. Find out how governance is inspected here.

The sections below are about how Ofsted inspects your school's curriculum. You don't need to know this information in great detail, but understanding the basics could help you monitor your school's approach. Read this article to find out what questions inspectors might ask you.

The impact of COVID-19

Ofsted recognises the challenges placed on schools during the pandemic, including that most schools will have been unable to implement the curriculum in the usual way. 

How your school leaders' decisions about remote education have led to changes/adaptations in your school's curriculum How subject leaders and teachers have identified pupils’ learning gaps and new starting points, and how they have responded to that in their curriculum planning How