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  • How Ofsted will assess RSE (primary) Relationships and sex education (RSE) won't be inspected on its own - instead, Ofsted will look at how your school is meeting statutory requirements for RSE, and consider this within your school's personal development, and leadership and management.
  • Ofsted changes for September 2021: summary NewOfsted has updated its inspection handbooks for September 2021. See what's changing for the new academic year, including inspection guidance on sexual harassment and the extension of inspection windows.
  • Ofsted inspection: pupil premium spending Understand how Ofsted will inspect your school's use of pupil premium. Doing so won't just to prepare you for inspection, but also inform your strategic plans as well as how you monitor and challenge the effectiveness of your pupil premium spending.
  • Ofsted inspection: role of link governors If you're a link governor, inspectors won't be formally assessing your role. But if you do speak to them, here's how you can demonstrate how you're effectively monitoring your school.
  • Ofsted inspection: safeguarding Understand what Ofsted expect to see in your school's safeguarding arrangements, and what evidence they'll collect during an inspection.
  • Ofsted: latest updates Stay up to date with all things Ofsted, including its plans for on-site monitoring inspections in the summer term.
  • Section 48 inspections If your school has a designated religious character, you're responsible for organising section 48 inspections on top of standard Ofsted inspections. Be clear on what these inspections are and how they work, so you can be confident in fulfilling this duty.
  • Section 8 inspections for 'good' and 'outstanding' schools Find out what happens during a section 8 inspection under the 2019 Ofsted framework, and what your role is as a governor.