Last reviewed on 5 September 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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You're required to produce your minutes for inspection if asked to do so. Understand what inspectors might look for and how they might use them, as well as specific considerations you should have when producing your minutes.

Thanks to our associate education experts, Andrew Lagden, Jeremy Bird and Marilyn Nathan, for their help writing this article.

You're required to provide your minutes if requested

The chief inspector can inspect and make copies of any records and other other documents they consider relevant to the inspection.

Publishing governing board minutes to your website is best practice, though it's not a statutory requirement. However your board chooses to store the minutes, they should be easily available for inspectors to view. 

What inspectors might look for

It's up to you to decide how to record and evidence your board's work in the minutes. The clerk is responsible for producing the minutes, be sure that you check them over to reassure yourselves that nothing's been missed.

Inspectors will ask to see minutes because they create an audit trail that demonstrates the board's effectiveness and overall ability to govern the organisation well.

Look for evidence that governors understand their role Identify key