Be ready for Ofsted: checklists

Whether you’ve just got the call from your headteacher or your school's expecting an inspection this year, use our checklists so you're ready for Ofsted.

Last reviewed on 5 July 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. What to do throughout the year
  2. Checklist for the chair after you get the call
  3. Prepare to meet the inspectors
  4. Questions to ask to prepare for Ofsted
  5. The impact of COVID-19

Be clear on how governance will be inspected under the current inspection framework, and what your role is on inspection day.

What to do throughout the year

  • Nothing in this list is new. There shouldn’t be any additional work you need to do to get ready for an Ofsted inspection
  • Download our checklist to see what key documents to keep up to date. Follow the links to our articles for more information about particular tasks – that way you can be confident that when Ofsted does arrive, you've got everything under control

If you know you're due an inspection, consider fortnightly meetings. You could have 2 governors attend a 1-hour meeting with staff every fortnight on topics such as safeguarding, pupil progress, teaching and learning, and curriculum development to help develop their knowledge.

Checklist for the chair after you get the call