Last reviewed on 21 March 2019
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Here’s what Ofsted's deputy director for schools, Matthew Purves, had to say about on-site inspection time, the EBacc, the controversial ‘Outstanding’ grade, and more.

Why do we need a new framework?

  • Standards have risen in schools over the last 20 years, but our accountability system means we've become focused on the data rather than the actual education that's taking place
  • The 'quality of education' judgement is the heart of the new framework. The point is not to have a conversation about outcomes in one place and teaching in another, but to have a single conversation that asks:
    • What is it you want children to learn?
    • How does that translate into classroom practice?
    • How is that curriculum passed on through teaching?
    • How does that flow into the standards that children achieve?'

Thinking about the curriculum is hard, and it's a process to translate that thinking into practice Your curriculum isn't just about the exam syllabus. Think about the end points you want pupils to get to, the key concepts they need to understand to get there,