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Last reviewed on 26 May 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
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What's the latest news?

26 May 2022: National Tutoring Programme and recovery premium funding for 2022/23

National Tutoring Programme (NTP)

  • If your school is currently using approved NTP tuition partners, you'll be able to continue working with them in 2022/23
  • If your school has academic mentors (AMs) on its staff, you can continue to employ them in 2022/23
  • Your school can also continue to recruit AMs, both through the delivery partner and via headteacher nominations
  • Read more about the NTP for 2022/23 and see the funding allocations

Recovery premium

  • The DfE has published indicative rates for 2022/23 and the payment schedule
  • If you're a mainstream school, your school's pupil eligibility will be the same as in 2021/22 (see the conditions of grant for a list)
  • If you're an other eligible school, or special educational needs (SEN) unit in a mainstream school, your school's recovery premium allocations will be based on all pupils registered at your school

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