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Keep up to date with the latest COVID-19-related announcements that affect your school, and find out what guidance is currently in place. We check this daily and update it whenever there's a significant change.

What's the latest news?

29 April 2022: COVID-19 workforce fund claims window is now open

26 April 2022: COVID-19 isn't included in special considerations for Key Stage (KS) 2 SATs

  • The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has updated its SATs special consideration guidance for 2022
  • A pupil who has been affected by illness or other issues relating to coronavirus is ineligible for special consideration, unless 1 or more of the eligible reasons also apply. See the guidance linked above for a list of situations where you can apply for special consideration

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Current state of play

The remote education temporary continuity direction is no longer in place. However, your school should still consider