Last reviewed on 26 March 2021
School types: All · School phases: All
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Find everything you need to review and approve your school's wellbeing policy, including what to look for in the policy and key questions to ask your school leaders.

Key points to look out for

Below we suggest what might be included in a wellbeing policy but, since it’s not statutory, policies can vary.

Aims and objectives

Your policy should state how it aims to support wellbeing through things like:

  • Avoiding those things the staff have identified as having negative impacts on their physical or mental health
  • Building a supportive work environment
  • Acknowledging staff needs can change over time
  • Supporting good work/life balance
  • Providing support for specific wellbeing issues staff might experience
  • Making staff aware of their role in working towards whole-school wellbeing

Roles and responsibilities

Governing board – will be mindful of its duty of care to the staff, monitor the effectiveness of the policy and hold the headteacher to account Headteacher – will make sure the policy is implemented and adhered to and that it meets stated objectives Line managers – will maintain positive and supportive relationships with their staff