Last reviewed on 17 March 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
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Take a look at some examples to get an idea of what your social media policy might look like.

Examples from primary schools

South Farnham School in Surrey's social media policy outlines the roles and responsibilities of different members of staff, the process for creating and monitoring accounts, as well as how to handle abuse.

St Paul's Catholic Primary School in Berkshire includes what it expects of staff conduct.

Chester Diocesan Academies Trust contains 7 primary academies. It's social media policy outlines who in the trust the policy applies to, personal use of social media as well as using social media on behalf of the school.

Examples from secondary schools

The Vyne Community School in Hampshire includes how the policy is applied, as well as what risks are involved including cyberbullying.

Woodside High School in London refers to the legal framework which the policy complies with, as well as featuring an