Last reviewed on 22 December 2022
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 41925

Know what to look out for and what questions you can ask to review your staff sickness and absence policy with confidence.

Key points to look out for

Clear procedures for managing both short-term and long-terms sickness absence

You'll want to see that staff have information on the different stages of each process, and about the possible outcomes. This should also include staff's rights to be accompanied to formal meetings, and information about the appeals process.

Different types of absence are clearly set out as being paid or unpaid

It should be clear whether each type of absence covered by the policy will be paid or unpaid. This is so that all staff members are treated fairly and equally. 

This should include the expectations and responsibilities of both the staff member and their line manager. It should also include information on how a phased return would work, such as possible time periods and how the staff member will be paid, for example by combining hours worked with statutory sick