Last reviewed on 27 November 2018
School types: All · School phases: All
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Your school leaders can use our template lockdown procedure to keep your school community safe in the event of a critical incident. The guidance and examples in this article will also help you adapt the template to meet your school's specific needs.


Schools aren't legally required to have a lockdown procedure or policy.

If you're a maintained school, you should check whether your local authority sets its own requirements around this. If you're an academy, check your trust's requirements.

However, you should have a lockdown procedure if you feel that it would help you manage risks, or that you're at high risk of a scenario where a lockdown would be needed. 

We have therefore created a template lockdown procedure, for your school leaders to adapt to meet your school's needs. There are prompts for adapting it in italics – as each school's site and context is different, you'll need to make sure it's completed based on what will work in your school.

Communicating your lockdown procedure

If your school