Last reviewed on 10 January 2024
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools

Be clear on how to review your charging and remissions policy, including what questions you can ask if you're reviewing a trust-wide policy. Save time with our model policy to see what good looks like.

What this policy needs to do

It should reflect:

It's not your job to cross-reference the policy with this guidance, but you should expect your senior leaders to have done so.

You'll want to make sure the policy sets out: 

  • What your school can and can't charge parents for
  • When your school might ask for voluntary contributions, and that parents aren't obliged to make any contributions
  • Under what circumstances your school will remit/cancel any charges (wholly or partly) 

3 key questions to challenge this policy

You need to ask challenging questions of senior leaders when the policy comes to you for approval, so you can be sure the policy-reviewing process was robust.

Check the entire policy is clearly written for a parent audience, without too