Last reviewed on 5 September 2023
Statutory/mandatory for: Maintained schools Academies Free schools Independent schools Sixth-form colleges Further education Pupil referral units Non-maintained special schools

Find out how to review your school or trust's equality information and objectives. Know what questions you can ask and save time with our model policy to see what good looks like.

What needs to be in the equality information and objectives policy

Your school must publish:

  • Information to demonstrate how it's complying with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED). This must include, in particular, information relating to people who share a protected characteristic
  • Equality objectives. For example, "by the end of the 2023/24 academic year, the percentage of boys in Key Stage 2 achieving at least the expected standard in maths will increase from 68% to 73%"

This is set out in paragraph 5.11 of the Department for Education (DfE)'s advice on the Equality Act 2010.

How many objectives do we need?

Equality objectives can relate to