Last reviewed on 13 September 2023
School types: All · School phases: All
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Be clear on what your suspension and permanent exclusion policy should do and the questions to ask when reviewing it. Use our model policy to see what good looks like.

We've updated our model policy to reflect the new guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) on suspensions and permanent exclusions, which is in force from 1 September 2023. 

What this policy needs to do

Your policy should aim to act as a failsafe to protect pupils and teaching staff from disruption, and allow learning to take place in a safe, calm and supportive environment. 

Roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders – for example, the headteacher and their responsibilities to inform parents, the governing board and the local authority about suspensions and permanent exclusions How your headteacher will decide whether or not to exclude a pupil – the information they'll take into account, such as whether the pupil has special educational needs The duties of the governing board around considering the suspension or