Ofsted's School Inspection Handbook updated for 2023

Understand the key changes that come into force from 1 September.

Last reviewed on 17 July 2023
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Read the headline changes to Ofsted's inspection handbook. We're also working on a more detailed summary of the changes (find out how to access it at the bottom of this article).

What it means to have a 'culture of safeguarding' at your school

This is outlined in paragraph 363 to mean your school:

  • Protects pupils from serious harm, online and offline
  • Is vigilant and maintains an attitude of ‘it could happen here’
  • Is open and transparent, shares information with others and actively seeks expert advice
  • Makes sure those who work with pupils are well trained, and understand their responsibilities and the school's systems and processes
  • Has appropriate child protection arrangements in place

School leaders:

See our summary of changes article for more detail (see the