DfE publishes new statutory guidance on the cost of school uniform

The new guidance requires schools to make sure that the total cost of their uniform is affordable for parents.

Last reviewed on 19 November 2021
School types: AllSchool phases: AllRef: 40049

Key points from the guidance

Your school needs to:

  • Make sure uniform is affordable
  • Think about the full cost of uniform when considering costs, including items like PE kit

Your school should:

  • Keep branded items to a minimum
  • Engage with parents and pupils when you develop your uniform policy, and publish it on your website 
  • Prioritise cost and value for money (including durability and quality) when awarding contracts to suppliers
  • Avoid single-supplier contracts unless you run regular tendering competitions
  • Retender contracts regularly (at least every 5 years)
  • Make sure second-hand uniform is available for parents, and publish information about this on your school website

Read the guidance in full here.

Compliance deadlines

Your school should comply with the new guidance by September 2022, unless:

If you do need to run a competitive tender process,