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  • Refusing to approve the school budget This is a serious decision. Understand the different situations where your governing board might refuse to approve the budget, and what you can do next if this happens.
  • Setting the budget Who is responsible for setting the budget? Schools can decide the level of involvement that the chair of the finance committee has in setting the budget. We suggest questions governors could ask to monitor the budget setting process.
  • Teachers' pension grant: how much your school could get The employer contribution rate for teachers' pensions is increasing from September 2019. Find out what funding your school could get to cover the cost of this rise for the 2019-20 financial year.
  • The budget approval process in maintained schools Find out how this process works so you're clear on the different steps and how you'll be involved.
  • The budget approval process in MATs The budget approval process can vary from trust to trust. Use these examples to get an idea of what the process might look like in your multi-academy trust, where you could be involved and what you'd need to do.
  • The budget approval process in single academies Get an idea of what your budget approval process might look like, so you're clear on when you're involved and what you need to do.