Last reviewed on 5 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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If you've had successful exam results, you still need to challenge and support senior leaders. Read guidance on what to do on results day, and download our list of questions to ask your headteacher at your next meeting.

Our education experts, Brendan Hollyer and David Driscoll, helped us with this article.

On results day

The chair of governors should be responsible for discussing the school's exam results with the headteacher. During this discussion:

  • Identify and celebrate successes
  • Decide how to present these results to the rest of the board (for example, including a breakdown of data for individual groups and subjects)

You or your headteacher should communicate the results to the board. Make it clear to the board that the data is unvalidated and some results may change.

At your first meeting after results day

Use your first full governing board meeting after results day to celebrate successes and identify any learnings from your school's results.