Responding to the DfE’s consultation on ‘gender questioning children’: guidance and resources

Find expert advice and resources to help you respond to the consultation on the DfE’s draft guidance by 12 March 2024.

Last reviewed on 8 February 2024
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  1. What’s the latest?
  2. Why you should contribute to the conversation 
  3. See other organisations' responses to the draft guidance
  4. What the consultation will ask you about
  5. Dos and don’ts 
  6. Consult further resources for support 

What’s the latest?

The DfE is consulting on draft guidance for schools about ‘gender questioning children’. The deadline for responses is 12 March 2024.

Read the proposed guidance and respond to the consultation on the DfE’s website (select ‘Guidance document’ for the draft guidance).

In this article, we’ve included advice and resources from experts and organisations that specialise in gender diversity, to help boost your confidence in responding to the consultation. We've consulted these experts because they have significant experience of understanding the challenges that trans pupils face. 

Your school doesn't need to change its policies in response to the draft guidance 

Your school leaders therefore shouldn't follow it now, or make any changes to