Last reviewed on 3 June 2019
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Pupil questionnaires can be one way of involving pupils in decision-making as well as measuring how effectively a school is meeting needs. Get some guidance on how to use them effectively and see some examples from other schools.

Surveys can help you involve pupils in decisions

The governance handbook refers to listening to pupils and involving them in decision-making as 'pupil voice' (see page 97). 

There are 2 benefits in involving pupils in decision-making, according to the Department for Education (DfE):

  • It encourages pupils to become active participants in a democratic society
  • It contributes to achievement and attainment

As governors, you could decide you want to find out about pupils' opinions on a strategically important issue - a specific new initiative or even the school as a whole. It's up to you as a governing board to determine the best way to do this. 

Decide whether a survey is the best option

Are you going to learn something you don’t