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Know what needs to be published on your school website or trust website and understand your role. Use our checklists if you want to dig deeper to check your website is compliant.

How to monitor the website 

Your role is strategic – hold senior leaders to account

You should ask your headteacher and senior leaders questions about the upkeep of the website.

For example, ask:

  • How often is the school website updated?
  • When was it last updated? For example, some requirements need to be updated each year – is this being done? 
  • Who is responsible for updating the website? 
  • Does the website comply with publishing requirements? How do you know? 

There's also additional information about your governing board that you must publish. In some schools the clerk is responsible for updating this, while in others it'll be a member of school staff. If the relevant person is school-based, nominate someone on your board to inform the person responsible about changes to governance arrangements to make sure the information is always accurate.

Although you're ultimately responsible for publishing information on the school website,