Last reviewed on 10 July 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
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Parents can sometimes be defamatory, negative or inappropriate on social media. Take these steps to prevent and deal with any incidents.

Our governance expert, Brendan Hollyer, helped us with this article. Brendan's school, Brampton Primary Academy, recently overhauled its policies to robustly address unacceptable behaviour from parents. 

Make sure parents know the right way to complain

Prevention is better than cure. Parents may turn to social media if they don't know how to raise a complaint or handle an incident in the appropriate way. 

Make sure parents know about your policies and procedures on things like complaints and behaviour.

Ask your headteacher

  • Are our policies easy to find on the school website? Are paper copies available too?
  • Are our policies easy to understand for all our parents?
  • Do we regularly remind parents about key policies in our newsletters or other updates? 
  • Do we set aside any time to talk about our policies to parents?
  • Are staff clear on our complaints procedure, and able to signpost parents to take the right steps?

Brampton Primary Academy