Last reviewed on 22 July 2020
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 5378

Find out how you can effectively monitor your school’s behaviour management, including during coronavirus, so you can hold school leaders to account.

In this article we relay guidance from 2 of our associate education experts – Harry James and Ray Harris.

Coronavirus: monitoring behaviour in the autumn term

Be clear on your school’s context

Behaviour may be a big focus for your school this term as pupils return after a considerable time out of school. 

It’s important to understand your school’s context and pastoral challenges when monitoring and scrutinising behaviour management. This is because pastoral challenges may manifest as behavioural incidents, as pupils may not have the language to explain what they’re feeling.

Pastoral challenges that may manifest in this way include:

  • Settling back into school and routines
  • Missed transition points (where pupils have missed a structured transition between phases or schools, they may struggle to understand new expectations)
  • Mental health
  • Bereavement

If you’re clear on your school’s