Last reviewed on 5 April 2019
School types: All · School phases: All
Ref: 34789

Learn what measures your board can put in place to help prevent off-rolling, and what to do if you suspect it's happening in your school.

You and the SLT are responsible for preventing off-rolling

Ofsted's 2019 school inspection handbook includes a harder focus on the practice of off-rolling, or using unlawful means to remove pupils from school rolls.

In schools where inspectors find evidence of off-rolling, 'the leadership and management of the school are likely to be judged to be inadequate' (see paragraph 255). This includes the governing board (see paragraph 110).

Where do you start?

The first step to preventing off-rolling is understanding what it is and what it isn't. If you're still unclear read our governors' briefing

Practical tips that'll help you demonstrate your understanding of off-rolling and the commitment of the entire governing board to preventing it from happening in your school Advice on how to respond if it's happening in your