Suspensions and exclusions: resolving difficulties with parents/carers

Get advice on what to do if parents/carers behave in an unacceptable way during the suspension or exclusion process. Plus, find out what your school can do if parents/carers can't be reached when a pupil is suspended.

Last reviewed on 20 August 2023
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School types: All · School phases: All
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  1. If your school can't get in touch with parents/carers
  2. If parents/carers behave unacceptably during a hearing

Read our other article to see what's changed in the 2023 updates to the guidance.

If your school can't get in touch with parents/carers

Schools must notify parents/carers of suspensions or permanent exclusions 'without delay' (see paragraph 63 of the suspensions and permanent exclusions guidance, from September 2023).

Schools should notify parents/carers in person or by phone in the first instance, as this will allow parents/carers to ask questions or raise concerns (see paragraph 73). Your school should maintain correct and up-to-date phone numbers for parents/carers so the headteacher is able to do this. 

Sometimes parents/carers can't be reached despite the school's best efforts 

However, depending on the age and