In-year admissions and fair access protocols

Get to grips with the rules on in-year admissions and fair access protocols. Find out what you need to do if you're the admission authority for your school or trust, and know what your local authority must do if it's the admission authority.

Last reviewed on 30 May 2023
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  1. In-year admissions
  2. Fair access protocols (FAPs) are used to place vulnerable children
  3. Children who can be admitted via the FAP
  4. Admitting pupils via the FAP

This article is based on the latest School Admissions Code (2021) from the Department for Education. Our model admissions policy also complies with this code. 

Check if you're the admission authority

Type of school Admission authority
Academy Academy trust (the board of trustees)*
Foundation school Governing board
Voluntary aided school Governing board
Community school Local authority 
Voluntary controlled school Local authority

This is outlined in paragraph 11 on page 6 of the School Admissions Code.

* If you sit on a local governing body in a multi-academy trust (MAT), check your scheme of delegation to see if you have any responsibilities regarding admissions.

In-year admissions

Whoever is managing in-year admissions must:

  • Provide a suitable application form for parents
  • Notify parents of the outcome of their application in writing within 15 school days (although, they should aim for 10 school days), detailing any reason for refusal and information about the right to appeal

Local authority (LA) requirements

Information on how in-year admissions can be made