Last reviewed on 24 May 2019
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Strategic plans can act as a 'north star' for new MATs. Discover how to create a strategic plan and look at some examples from other new MATs.

This article is based on the Department for Education' (DfE's) good practice guidance for MATs and advice from our experts Brendan Hollyer and Rosie Chapman.

Purpose of strategic planning

Strategic plans for multi-academy trusts (MATs) turn the trust's vision into a concrete plan that can be implemented and evaluated. The board can then hold the single executive leader to account for the plan's implementation.

Format and content may differ between trusts, but most strategic plans will:

  • Start from a clear statement of what the trust wants to achieve
  • Set out where you are now and where the trust wants to get to
  • Focus on delivering for pupils
  • Define clearly the operating environment
  • Identify key strategic risks and mitigation strategies
  • Consider a range of different scenarios and potential outcomes and what the trust would do in those circumstances – see risk management

This is set out on pages 37-38 of the DfE guidance.

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