Local governing bodies: FAQs

Understand the rules on local governing bodies (LGBs) and the role of local governors in multi-academy trusts (MATs). Find the answers to common questions about LGBs.

Last reviewed on 17 November 2023
School types: Academy · School phases: All
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  1. The basics
  2. Eligibility and roles
  3. Academy conversion

Throughout this article we refer to the model articles of association. Be sure to check your trust's articles of association just in case they differ from the models.

Make sure everyone on your local governing bodies (LGBs) has taken our induction training for LGBs, so they can feel confident in their role.

What's an LGB? The board of trustees may delegate some of its governance functions to LGBs (sometimes called 'academy councils', 'academy committees' or another term). LGBs aren't technically governing boards – they're actually committees, even though there's usually no overlap between membership of LGBs and that of the trust board. As a committee, they're still required to minute all meetings as per paragraph 1.45 of the Academy Trust Handbook. LGBs are important as they have a much more nuanced understanding of how their individual schools work and can provide invaluable insight to the board of trustees. Trusts don't have to have them, although most