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Support for Headteachers

Why invest in The Key for your governors?

Effective governance and continual school improvement depend on a productive relationship between the headteacher and governing body. Ofsted advises that these relationships should be based on open, honest dialogue, a clear understanding of the different roles and responsibilities, and a shared commitment to securing the very best provision and outcomes for pupils.

 Membership of The Key will give your governors easy access to practical resources and authoritative, independent information and guidance. With everything they need at their fingertips, your governors will be better equipped to perform their role effectively and support you in driving school improvement.  


Full support for your governing body, more effective support for you

Everyone on your governing body will be able to rely on The Key for:

  • Practical guidance and resources to help them perform their role effectively
  • A way to source information independently
  • A better understanding of where their role ends and yours begins
  • Guidance on how best to support you in driving school improvement
  • A safe platform for asking any question about governance – big or small
  • An easy way to stay informed about changes in the school sector
  • Support in preparing effectively for governing body meetings, inspections, policy changes and more

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